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"Kingdom Themes" by Vindexus

Have you ever gone to check out a kingdom and noticed that they are all the same concept? You notice that they are all Lord of Pain, Lord of Might, Lord of Fear and names like that. That is because they had decide last age to make a theme for their Kingdom. Maybe they all decided to be Lords like in the example above. Or maybe they are all Empires of. I noticed in my little time on this world called utopia that people are using the same themes over and over again with no use of imagination. So I decided to write and article on that topic.

My Opinion

You have all seen the theme Lord of, or Land of somewhere on one of those kingdoms that you went to war with. Well, those types of themes are sad. They have absolutely no imagination. Your kingdom theme should have some new idea that nobody has ever seen before. Instead of just having one preffix and everybody have a bunch of different suffixes you could use a bit of imagination and do something else. I'm not saying that you can't use any imagination when doing the pre/suf idea. But in my opinion you have to have a pretty good name to get any points in the imagination category. Try maybe to look up a whole bunch of kings and queens and use those as your theme. Maybe even change them around a bit to make it a little more interesting. All that I am saying is to use a little, actually, alot, of imagination in your kingdom themes.


People always seem to spend so much time choosing their suffixe. The preffix is just as important. Say if you found a really sweet suffix but had a crappy prefix. You name could be Hotdog of Glory. So spend just as much time deciding the prefix as the suffix.

Here is a list I have made for things like. I don't know if these are prefixes or suffixes because it depends on the theme.

Army type stuff

The following are in reference to armies and formations. Please note that the following can be both singular and plural

  • Association of
  • Organization of
  • Mercenaries of
  • Federation of
  • Forces of
  • Ministry of
  • Tribe of
  • Band of
  • Battalion of
  • Order of
  • Cult of
  • Guild of
  • Clan of
  • Brigade of
  • Army of
  • Legion of
  • Council of
  • Company
  • Squad of (I don't really like this one because it is to 20th century)
  • Formation of
  • Militia of
  • Land type stuff

    The following are to be used in referrence to an piece of land like and empire of a realm. Please note the following can be both plural and singular.

  • Garrison of
  • Terrain of
  • Region of
  • Territory of
  • Lands of
  • Empire of
  • Realm of
  • Fortress of
  • Domain of
  • Mines of (more for dwarves)
  • Woods of (more for elves)
  • Sanctuary of
  • Cathedral of
  • Barracks of
  • Caverns of
  • Isle of
  • Island of
  • Mountain of
  • Valley of
  • Ravine of
  • Nest of
  • Lair of
  • Canyon of
  • Battlement of
  • Peak of
  • Tower of
  • Tunnel of
  • Shrine of
  • Dungeon of
  • Castle of
  • Den of
  • Burrow of
  • Dominion of
  • Lord type stuff

    Now the third categories is in reference to the people and nobles. You have seen me use the Lord of example many times. Well here is a list stolen from the honour page of the guide and some others that I have decided to share with the rest of the world

  • Lord of
  • Baron of
  • Count of
  • Viscount of
  • Prince of
  • King of
  • Master of
  • Leader of
  • Monarch of
  • Ruler of
  • Dictator of
  • Director of
  • Senator of
  • Champion of
  • General of
  • Samurai of
  • Knight of
  • Politician of
  • Mother of
  • Father of
  • God of
  • Wizard of
  • Thief of
  • Founder of
  • Sorceer of
  • Magician of
  • Conjurer of
  • Warrior of
  • Barbarian of
  • Captain of
  • Minister of
  • Emperor of
  • Miscellaneous type stuff

    I have seen some very cool themes that use things that aren't really pieces of land or armies. Now some of you may be thinking. Now, this guy has said the word imagination like a billion times. Some of those are pretty good but where's the imagination. Well I have made up a sperate Misc. category. For example:

  • Element of
  • Plague of
  • Priest of
  • Weapons of (meaning all types, so it could be Sword of throughout the whole kingdom)
  • Cloud of
  • Mists of
  • Rains of
  • Horde of
  • Mass of
  • Flock of
  • Spirit of
  • Ghost of
  • Apparition of
  • Banshee of
  • Specter of
  • Phantom of
  • Some suffixes

    I understand that some people find a really good idea for a theme that mean using suffixes. Lots, but not all, themes need to use suffixes. You can all come up with the basic suffixes such as Strenth, Power, Might etc. but, beleive it or not it is possible to use some imagination in the suffixes too. I have put together a list of some of my favorite suffixes.

    Let's just pretend that these are all Lord of-

  • Despair
  • Glory
  • Cunning
  • Theivery
  • Magic
  • Military
  • Might
  • Unity
  • Honour (this may not be very imaginative but I like honour)
  • Utopia
  • this Age
  • Diplomacy
  • the Forge
  • the Heavens
  • the Gates
  • the Smithy
  • the Rings
  • the Kings
  • the Queens
  • The list goes on and on my friends. You could use a thesaurus to look up synonyms for word you like if it's already taken. You don't always have to use adj.'s either. You could things like of the Forge, of the East, of the Kings such as you see above.

    My Favorite Themes

    My personal favorite theme is probably to take names of places from books and movies or something. Take Lord of the Rings for example. You could have a Kingdom looking like this

  • Gondor
  • Mordor
  • Breeland
  • Rohan
  • Mirkwood
  • The Shire
  • You could also take the characters of the story's names and make things like this:
  • Aragorn's Legions
  • Frodo's Legions
  • Gandalf's Legions
  • You could always change around the order of the pres and suffs. You could change it to this:
  • Legions of Aragorn
  • Legions of Frodo
  • Legions of Gandalf
  • You could even make the Legions part varied like this:
  • Aragorn's Army
  • Frodo's Brigade
  • Gandalf's Council
  • General Guidelines

    As some general guidelines for making a theme don't pick a theme that you saw on another kingdom. Be imaginative. I like the idea of using names from a book or a movie. Try to make the suffixes similar. Like have them all disease or egyptian gods or weapons or anything you can think. I don't like the idea of putting an initial of the kingdom on you theme name. If your kingdom's name is The Storming Horde and the theme is Horde of then don't put the names as TSH Horde of Terror, TSH Horde of Might. You can do it if you like but I don't think it looks that great. Try to make sure the names are capatilized. I don't think that it looks that cool if you have one guy not capaitlized like this:

  • Lord of Might
  • Lord of Terror
  • Lord of Unity
  • Lord of Death
  • lord of pain
  • Lord of Honour
  • You can make all of the suffixes varied and have all the same prefixes. Like so:
  • Army of Unity
  • Brigade of Unity
  • Company of Unity
  • But you don't have to make the suffixes the exact same. You could have them all different. You could also make all of the suffixes synonyms. Like this:
  • Brigade of Might
  • Brigade of Strenght
  • Brigade of Power
  • Conclusion

    Thank you all for your time and I hope that I have aided you even if in the least of choosing a theme for you kingdom coming Age 12. Remember, IMAGINATION!

    - Vindexus (21-Mar-2001)

    Readers' Comments

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    Posts: 3
    (10-Jun-2001 05:07 pm)

    Czar of Dreadlords
    (Posted as bleed)
    Posts: 1
    (10-Jun-2001 08:10 pm)
    well, I liked the theme my brother kd hade for some Ages ago. They hade bird names in Latin !
    Posts: 1
    (10-Jun-2001 10:05 pm)
    Well although it spoils the ambience, there would be far more variety if we could include modern names.
    Posts: 1
    (11-Jun-2001 08:37 am)
    Two ages ago, we had a Scorned Women theme. It was really cool, we had names like Vengeful Veronica, Jilted Jezebel etc. Last age we named ourselves and our provinces after the authors and their books, f.e. Karl Marx of Das Kapital, and many others.
    This age we use a messed up food theme, we have names like Pseudomonas Parfait, Weevil Pate en Crout etc.
    In general, kingdoms with original themes stand out from the rest. I would recommend everyone to make a thread in the forum two weeks before the end of the age in which you all brainstorm on a new kingdom theme. It has worked very well for us and I'm sure there are enough people with very original ideas.
    Go on and surprise me!
    Posts: 1
    (11-Jun-2001 10:01 pm)
    Eternal Assassins
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