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"Avians Networth Analysis" by Digger
During the early stages of the round, a number of people were very vocal in the forums in regards to the power of Avians. During the latter stages of the round there hasn't been much talk about Avians being too strong. This is mainly due to their decline from the world rankings in networth. There are a number of reasons for this which will be detailed below.

Early Round:

Avians were ahead of most other races due to their 4/0 & 0/4 specs. The majority of the Avian provinces knew that they could have a very successful and very hard-hitting province if they trained specs instead of elites. Other races were training def specs and elites in order to provide a strong base to expand from for the late stages of the round.

Avians had a 4/0 off spec and a 0/4 def spec. Other races had 3/0 off specs and 0/3 def specs. Elites for the majority of races were 1400gc and specs were 300gc each. This provided a very economical way for Avians to have a strong military. They could train their military without worrying about elites, at least at the start of the round. Their networth was higher than other races at the start due to their buying power of specs. As the round wore on, the advantage of networth slipped away from the Avians to all the other races.

The following is a short example of an Avian's military advantage over other races. This is using 750,000gc as an amount of money to spend on military. This is assuming all races use 1000 def specs for some defense and the rest in elites (although this was possibly not the case in the majority of provinces).

Race Total Off Specs Def Specs Elites Off Points Def Points
Avian 2500 (750,000gc) 1250 (375,000gc) 1250 (375,000gc) 0 (0gc) 5000 5000
Human 1321 (749,400gc) 0 1000 (300,000gc) 321 (449,400gc) 1605 4284
Elves 1321 (749,400gc) 0 1000 (300,000gc) 321 (449,400gc) 1284 4605
Dwarves 1321 (749,400gc) 0 1000 (300,000gc) 321 (449,400gc) 1605 4605
Orcs 1321 (749,400gc) 0 1000 (300,000gc) 321 (449,400gc) 1926 4284
Faeries 1321 (749,400gc) 0 1000 (300,000gc) 321 (449,400gc) 963 4926
Halflings 1409 (749,900gc) 0 1000 (300,000gc) 409 (449,900gc) 1636 4636
Undead 1321 (749,400gc) 0 1000 (300,000gc) 321 (449,400gc) 1605 3963

This is biased in that I was assuming that each race would train 1000 def specs and the rest def specs. There were just too many combinations to possibly include very single combination.

From the above (limited) data it can be seen that the Avians have a clear advantage in terms of attacking and defending power.

Middle to Late Round:

During the middle to late round, the avians slowly lost their grip on the world lists for networth. This was due to them training specs (space efficient for them) and other races finally being able to support elites or their own particular military structure. The domination of world and island networth lists was moving away from avians towards all the other races. They, however, were still in world & island lists for land. This is due to their "under-valuing" of their military.

Under-valuing: I am using "under-valuing" in this sense to mean their strength of their military is not measured solely by networth as other races strength can be.

Networth per land ratios for avians are a lot lower compared to all other strong attacking provinces. The following are statistics taken from the World of Utopia (WoU) top 100 land provinces as at January 21st, YR10.

Race Num Prov. Avg Land Avg NW NW/Acre High NW/A Low NW/A
Avian 37 8477 1,417,888 167.27 226.65 144.43
Non-Avian 63 8165 1,711,926 209.60 261.41 133.61

There were 13 Avian provinces in the top 100 in the world for networth. Their actual ranks at the time were: 7, 10, 11, 18, 34, 39, 47, 52, 63, 67, 73, 85, 98.

Race Num Prov. Avg Land Avg NW NW/Acre High NW/A Low NW/A
Avian 13 9758 1,715,716 175.83 226.65 149.43

As can be seen from the above data the networth of Avian's is considerably lower than that of non-avians. This is true for the rest of Utopia as not only the top players have gone with a spec-based military strategy.

Mehul himself in the recent messages he posted did not say that Avians were strong, weak or anything else. If he was going by the networth alone, then yes, avians are not as strong overall as other provinces. However, this is a popular misconception among a large number of players. They believe that because an Avian's networth per acre ratio is about 150 or 160 they are therefore land fat. Upon closer observation they will discover that the reason for the low networth to land ratio is due to the avian province building specs for attacking and defending.

When calculating who is land fat it is important to decide on a base measurement for avians and a base measurement for all other races. I think a fairly strong avian province has a NW/Acre ratio of about 160-170 (with all specs) and all other races a ratio of about 205-215. Dramatically lower than that I consider land fat and could be possible targets. People have different opinions on ratios to determine who is land fat, this is merely mine.

This concludes part 1 of my interpretation of networth, avians and non-avians. Part 2 will follow shortly and will cover other aspects in relation to attacking power of avians compared to the other races.

- Digger (11-Oct-2000)

Readers' Comments

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Unregistered User
(15-Oct-2000 08:32 am)
Ok contents, but nothing sensational here.
Perfect Dark
Unregistered User
(16-Oct-2000 09:00 am)
Avian is definitely the strongest race this round. 6/3 elites and 4/0 off. spec and bloodlust give it the strongest attacking power, whereas, 0/4 def. spec and town watch and greater protection also make it unbreakable.
Unregistered User
(18-Oct-2000 12:25 pm)
With my monarch faery(BF) I only grab avians, they alway have lousy defense when sending their offense out, the ones that uses elites for offense that is. I just grabbed a 5,1k acre avian, strafed him once and grabbed him once, with his elites out. That&#039s insane, I mean, the only reason I strafed the first time was because of his townwatch, the only thing I didn&#039t take with me in calculation.
I&#039ve been offensive since 3,5k acres, and all that time I&#039ve only grabbed avians, think about it...
Unregistered User
(19-Oct-2000 02:27 pm)
As I&#039m a player in World, I can not analyse the information in Battlefields. If somebody would be able to gather information on the top players in both networth & land and send to me, I would greatly appreciate it.

If you want to contact me to discuss what I have written or to give me information, my icq number is 3363341 (please indicate "Utopia Temple Article" as auth reason).

I would like to be able to get CB&#039s on some of the top avian&#039s in both world and BF to see what their strategy
Unregistered User
(22-Oct-2000 07:22 am)
Avians are not that strong. i am playing them right now, and have a 5800 acre province, and ive found that avians are really not all that powerful, they just appear that way because people are so stuck on their upgraded specs. but they have no other bonuses! if they had more bonuses, then perhaps they would be a powerful race. but as it stands they really are not. they are not exeptionaly good at anything. no horses helps to keep them in check for incredible offence, and bloodlust is not unique
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