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New Server Updates
Posted by Brother Green, 5741 days, 10 hours and 20 minutes ago
Mehul has posted some new information regarding the new server. Essentially, it will probably be used as a 3rd server, but only for one round.

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    Readers' Comments

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    The 1
    Posts: 1
    (05-May-2003 02:10 pm)
    cool, another server running, hmmm a 'short game'
    Posts: 41
    (05-May-2003 02:11 pm)
    yay, no more lag
    Posts: 30
    (05-May-2003 02:12 pm)
    I don't really think it'll catch on.

    A heap of people will create an account for the hell of it, then just go inactive.

    It'll be useless.
    (Posted as Got The L1F3)
    Posts: 5
    (05-May-2003 02:16 pm)
    ill play the new server,i want to be monarch. i hope i can arrange that
    Posts: 37
    (05-May-2003 02:41 pm)
    well the new shit he made with wol...well it aint workin here so...whatever he did...plz change it back
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