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What are you doing to prevent cheating? What will cause you to get deleted?
We can't really go into the methods we use to combat cheating, because that would only help cheaters get around them. However, we do use a mix of human and automated methods to find and remove cheaters. We rely heavily on users reporting cheaters to catch many of them.

Will multiple family members playing on the same computer get deleted?
As long as nobody cheats or provides fake information, players will generally be fine. Unfortunately, if one or more cheats, all the players are liable to get deleted. Many users play from public machines or with their family with no problems.

How do you explain the high number of innocent players getting deleted while the hardcode cheaters stay?
I don't think this is the case. You would be surprised how many people claim their innocence when they've clearly broken the rules. We get emails all the time asking "Why did my 4 accounts get deleted? I didn't do anything wrong!". People just simply don't read the rules many times. Every account we delete has a very good and pretty clear-cut reason behind it.

On the other hand, we don't by any means catch every cheater. I'm not sure why some people find the need to cheat at a game that's not about winning and offers no rewards for it. However, some always will and we'll deal with it as best we can.

Are you considering any changes to make it less beneficial to cheat, such as random kingdom locations, kingdoms blanketing, or limit the number of kingdoms a province can look at per day?
It depends on the solution. Certain solutions, such as random kingdom numbers, may help fight cheating, but take away much of the game's enjoyment in other ways. We're not going to destroy the game in order to stop cheaters.

How do you feel about feeding? Do you consider it cheating?
I don't consider it cheating, but I also don't think it's a good way to play. We'll be making changes to make feeding a less effective strategy.

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Readers' Comments

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Psycho Stix
Unregistered User
(22-Oct-2000 08:11 am)
We rely heavily on users reporting cheaters to catch many of them."

-Do you know how many people lie about cheating!?!?!?!?! This is NOT a good way to find "cheaters"!
Sir Nasty
Unregistered User
(22-Oct-2000 08:18 am)
Posted this in the wrong section before, I think that feeding should be considered cheating, kind of dissapointed he doesn&#039t look at it that way.
Sir Vival IPA
Unregistered User
(22-Oct-2000 10:02 am)
Bahh Mehul..
I got deleted 1 or 2 weeks ago, and I swear, that I don&#039t know why! I little bit of offendive language towards another, shouldn&#039t get you deleted.. or what? I wrote to you about, but I never got any response. Thanks for that Mehul!
Xtra Olde
Unregistered User
(22-Oct-2000 10:10 am)
Yah, My enemyS from school have multiple accounts and one start to feed on me. Then he call in all my enemyS and the multi account start feeding on me. Too bad I report it to Mehul. Then the guy create new acc and start multiplying again... And start disturbing my province growth. Mehul should have at least ban them for a utopia year...
Unregistered User
(22-Oct-2000 10:18 am)
Mehul, what do you think about gangbanging?
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