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Utopia History
How did Utopia start? What was it influenced by?
Utopia was designed because I wanted to create a new game from scratch. When we developed Earth: 2025, we didn't really have the knowledge or player-base to create the type of game originally designed. We used what we learned from Earth, as well as experience designing games previously, to create Utopia.

How long did it take you to write the code for the first functional version?
The original game took about 6 weeks from design to get online for public testing. It took several more weeks of testing and redesign to get the game to a functional game.

How much has Utopia grown from age to age?
During the first several ages, Utopia grew substantially. More recently, we've developed a stable and slowly growing userbase. Currently, our server capacity issues limits our growth, so I'm not really sure what our "potential" size is.

Did it meet your expectations?
Absolutely. We weren't really sure what kind of interest this type of real-time social game would attract. However, from the start, we've had a great response and a wonderful time growing the game and site.

Can you tell us the most significant events you recall in each round until today?
Not really. Each round there are different issues to tackle as we try to balance the needs of all of our players. Some involve cheating, others involve improving the quality of gameplay; yet others simply deal with the server capacity constraints. Each age brings something new and different.

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Readers' Comments

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KillerSaiyan UA
Unregistered User
(22-Oct-2000 08:58 am)
We only had like... 2 rounds with a trainning ground.. :P
Unregistered User
(22-Oct-2000 11:37 am)
If Utopia is supposed to be such a social game, then why do people hate it when accounts are traded so people can be in a kingdom with someone they want to play with.
King Mayho
Unregistered User
(22-Oct-2000 12:42 pm)
Great work Mr. Patel. I hope you continue develop Utopia every new age. Because it create new ways of playing the game. But that goes only for provinces. I would like to see a new way to change the kingdoms. I&#039m asking this much because I want an even better gaming experiance than I have now. I love this game. I don&#039t want you to make it like earth, not even close. I just want something that makes the kingdom more depending on team play like. The thief kingdom.

~King Mayho
Duke Xavior
Unregistered User
(22-Oct-2000 04:49 pm)
Well, Mr. Mehul, I am really impressed. At the age of 23, a sucessful businessman. I hope you make the utopia to become more interesting. It is also interesting now, but, it still dosen&#039t meet my expactations.
Unregistered User
(22-Oct-2000 05:25 pm)
Great, but earth still needs inproving
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