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Swirve Related
How many people are on your staff? What is their job exactly?
We have a total of 3, myself included. I do mostly design / development and business issues. We have one Business Development person to help grow the site, and we have one entertainment specialist, who has a variety of duties from movie reviews to looking for Earth & Utopia cheaters.

Are you content with Utopia being a free game, maintained by advertising?
Absolutely. We're not interested in charging for the game because it makes no sense. The goal of the game is social more than anything else, and that requires a large number of players. Charging may (or may not) be more profitable, but it really does not improve the quality of the gaming environment.

What part of Swirve's income does Utopia generate? Has it changed over the rounds?
It changes as we grow in different areas, but in general, we try not to discuss financial issues.

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Readers' Comments

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Unregistered User
(22-Oct-2000 08:19 am)
Mehul...i must say....thanx...your effort is really getting the world together in sum ways...i won&#039t spend much time chatting with ppl last time..but now i chat wif ppl from all around the world coz of utopia
KillerSaiyan UA
Unregistered User
(22-Oct-2000 08:55 am)
there you go! make Earth better!!!
Fantasmo the great
Unregistered User
(22-Oct-2000 09:42 am)
I think Utopia rocks... I think the way you 3have set this up and done this is amazing! I thank you and give you my wishes... but the multi player thing is too easy to make happen... you base it on e-mail and username... couldn&#039t u base it on something more solid so less people will be able to cheat!???
Unregistered User
(22-Oct-2000 10:30 am)
Yeah, it&#039s fascinating to see the varied chat topics that develop in the Utopia forums that are not game related.
Unregistered User
(22-Oct-2000 11:54 am)
I love you Mehul. Thankyou for making Utopia and being so generous with you time. You a a human God. You made an entire world!!
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