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Catwalk Interviewing Mehul Patel

Mehul Patel
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Once Earth was really put together, Utopia has gotten the bulk of the time since - simply because it's the game that's continually changing, while Earth is more the "tried and true" stable game.

Catwalk, a veteran player and the owner of the #strategy IRC channel, has conducted an exclusive interview on behalf of Utopia Temple, with Mehul Patel, the creator of Utopia, who is now leaving after 10 years of running Utopia!

In his first interview after selling his company, Mehul speaks openly about the new owners, the games, the community and the future. He mentions his personal highlights of the games and his regrets.

This interview is comprised of questions submitted by the community.

The Takeover120
The Games121
The Community90
Future Plans818

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