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"Does Utopia Rule Our Lives?" by KINGPIN
It has just hit me how much Utopia controls us. We are addicted to a game, and it makes us do things that we would have thought stupid before starting it. People have been driven to waking up at insane hours during the night simply to check on a computerised simulation of a world. We are mindless zombies that pretend that we are the rulers of an imaginary world.

Ask yourself this, when you succeed in a thief operation, or take 100 acres of land, knowing that you're safe and no-one can touch you, building defense equal to an american battle fleet, does it give you a rush? Does the andrenaline pump through your body knowing that your democratic skill and strategy has led you succesfully to a greater goal?

Are we people sad, letting a simple game control our whole lives? People posting messages like "HELP!! I CANT LOG IN" after trying once to try and access the game - having been denied the desire to play, we panic. But what if Utopia should end? Will sites like Utopia Temple cease to exist? Or will we simply change to another game... like Dominion Temple, or Ambar Temple? And why do we treat Mehul as a god? Yes, he created the first game like this, and yes it is good and yes we all love it. But when people post things in the Bugs & Suggestions forum like "I GOT TO POST UNDER MEHUL!!" and "THANKS MEHUL, YOUR THE GREATEST!" and "Mehul, you ROCK!", it is merely sucking up. He may see your post, but he will discard it without a second glance or thought. Is this the life we want to lead?

I don't think we shall truly know until it happens, which i doubt - too many people are hooked, and unless Mehul wants to increase suicide rates accross the world, he wouldn't do it.

Take a minute to think about it...

- KINGPIN (7-Nov-2000)

Readers' Comments

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Unregistered User
(01-Feb-2001 10:38 am)
Yes, I want to live such a life. Unfortunately nowadays, I am a little busy and I can&#039t dedicate enough time to Utopia.

But if onluy I could I would do nothing else, but play Utopia...
Unregistered User
(04-Feb-2001 09:19 am)
losers, whats wrong with u all? its a game, and even though the escape from reality is nice, its not even taht great of a game to be addicted to. i mean, its run by a guy named mehul, i wouldnt trust him. MEHUL!!! LISTEN TO THAT NAME!
Angel of Apocolype
Unregistered User
(08-Feb-2001 11:59 am)
i agree with you. you guys are weird to do those kinds of things. I check oce or twice a day and i am doing fine. I enjoy just playing for fun a
Unregistered User
(08-Feb-2001 12:14 pm)
Mehul, what a name, it&#039s actually a little God like isn&#039t it?
All the glory to the great creator Mehul!!
Unregistered User
(08-Feb-2001 12:33 pm)
Yes it controls our lives, but it gives us some "power". We have the power over lots of peasants. It is like the game of Warhammer. when they are sending the enmes away with one swosh, you are happy. Same here, when you just attacked any enimy and you won, you are happy and content. you belleive you are the greatest, but when you are getting concured you get frustrated and hit the keyboard.
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