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"Does Utopia Rule Our Lives?" by KINGPIN
It has just hit me how much Utopia controls us. We are addicted to a game, and it makes us do things that we would have thought stupid before starting it. People have been driven to waking up at insane hours during the night simply to check on a computerised simulation of a world. We are mindless zombies that pretend that we are the rulers of an imaginary world.

Ask yourself this, when you succeed in a thief operation, or take 100 acres of land, knowing that you're safe and no-one can touch you, building defense equal to an american battle fleet, does it give you a rush? Does the andrenaline pump through your body knowing that your democratic skill and strategy has led you succesfully to a greater goal?

Are we people sad, letting a simple game control our whole lives? People posting messages like "HELP!! I CANT LOG IN" after trying once to try and access the game - having been denied the desire to play, we panic. But what if Utopia should end? Will sites like Utopia Temple cease to exist? Or will we simply change to another game... like Dominion Temple, or Ambar Temple? And why do we treat Mehul as a god? Yes, he created the first game like this, and yes it is good and yes we all love it. But when people post things in the Bugs & Suggestions forum like "I GOT TO POST UNDER MEHUL!!" and "THANKS MEHUL, YOUR THE GREATEST!" and "Mehul, you ROCK!", it is merely sucking up. He may see your post, but he will discard it without a second glance or thought. Is this the life we want to lead?

I don't think we shall truly know until it happens, which i doubt - too many people are hooked, and unless Mehul wants to increase suicide rates accross the world, he wouldn't do it.

Take a minute to think about it...

- KINGPIN (7-Nov-2000)

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Posts: 10
(05-Sep-2003 06:28 pm)
Utopia is a game!!!
Ouch i thought it was real, man i feel like keanu reaves in the matrix...
So what are you saying ? iam not really a King are my peasants and army a fake..!!!


Posts: 1
(07-Sep-2003 04:51 pm)
yea, its just a game. A fun game none the less lol. No I dont wake up at night to attack sum 1 or to find a target.You gotta admit it beats the heck out of t.v. (all the programs suck these days except for a select few).
Posts: 1
(07-Sep-2003 08:36 pm)
my girlfriend forced me to make a choice: her or utopia!
i spent whole 2 minutes thinking and finnaly i decide to go home and check what's new in my kingdom :)
(Posted as prince caelis)
Posts: 7
(14-Sep-2003 04:44 am)
Please everybody reread this posts, I laughed my head off. :D

Yes I'm addicted to this game, and I do feel great if I'm doing good, but I really don't get depressed or anything when I suck. (Although.. I'm thinking of suiciding sometimes :D) Things like sports and school and friends are more important to me.
Posts: 2
(15-Sep-2003 10:08 pm)
I am proud to say that I am hooked on Utopia.
A few times I have violated the 48 hr rule and as soon as I could; done a mad dash to get to Utopia to make sure I haven't died.
Though, as everybody knows; Utopia is just a game, and if you die you can come back to life through making a new account.
While for some people this new account might be significantly crappier than your last one, you can continue playing.
I am glad that Mehul made Utopia so realistic, as if you make a bad decision, the reprecussions are lasting and terrible, a good decision results in greatness.
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