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Utopia Angel v2.23 Alpha 1
Compatibility:WoL #68
Release Date:April 23rd, 2016 (31 days ago)
Expiration Date: *June 28th, 2016 (35 days left)
File Size:1,497 KB
Downloads to date:2,306
Installer MD5: (angel223a1.exe)f47b21fe86492c60cd1f980853eb53a7
Executable MD5: (angel.exe)3a1fc5d35d2cc98b8ed4eb55430bf19e
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Utopia Angel v2.22 Beta
Compatibility:WoL #67
Release Date:March 25th, 2016 (60 days ago)
Expiration Date: *June 28th, 2016 (35 days left)
File Size:1,499 KB
Downloads to date:2,613
Installer MD5: (angel222b.exe)7f4f819079e11bbefcff7d712a6fbb1d
Executable MD5: (angel.exe)816b38f9458592803841b8dfc9827843
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Information about Utopia Angel
What is Utopia Angel?
Utopia Angel is a powerful program which is a set of professional formatters, calculators, optimizers and other tools, working cooperatively, all specifically designed to assist and maximize the Utopian player's productivity.

Features List
FormattersCalculatorsOther Goodies
Crystal-Ball / Throne page
Spy on Military / Military Advisor
Survey / Internal Affairs
Spy on Sciences / Science Advisor
Kingdom page
Military Calculator
Buildings Calculator
Thievery Calculator
Science Calculator
Power Tools
Clipboard Manager *
Clipboard Messages (link)
Forum Agent
Live Update *
Screen Ruler *
CUTS.NAME Integration * (link)
And More!

* Features available in Non-Utopia Mode

System Requirements
• Windows 32bit platform
• 64MB memory (128MB or higher recommended)
• Internet Explorer 4 or above

Utopia Angel is fully supported, even though it is a free product. Please feel free to use our Support Forums to report bugs and problems, ask questions or even help other users. It is also recommended to read the Known Bugs section.

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