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Utopia Angel v2.20 Beta
Posted by Brother Green, 6 days, 21 hours and 50 minutes ago
Category: Utopia Temple News
Utopia Angel v2.20 Beta has been released!

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  • Utopia Angel v2.20 Alpha 1
    Posted by Brother Green, 71 days, 7 hours and 54 minutes ago
    Category: Utopia Temple News
    Utopia Angel v2.20 Alpha 1 has been released!
    This version is compatible with Age 65: Isles of Legion.

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  • Swirve Blog: Age 65 Changes
    Posted by Utopia Temple, 82 days, 3 hours and 46 minutes ago
    Category: Swirve Related

    Age 64 End: Friday 8th May at Noon GMT
    Age 65 Freeze Start: Friday 8th May at 6PM GMT
    Age 65 Protection Start: Monday 11th May at 6PM GMT
    Age 65 Protection End: Tuesday 12th May at 6PM GMT


    -25% Attack Time
    +30% Birth Rate
    -30% Building Construction Time
    -30% Military training time
    +1 offensive specialist strength

    Cannot Use Stables

    Spellbook: Fanaticism, Greater Protection
    Elite: 6/2, 600gc, 5NW

    +30% Building Efficiency
    Free Building Construction and Can Use Credits To Raze Buildings

    Can’t use Accelerated Construction
    + 50% food consumption

    Spellbook: Fools Gold, Mystic Aura, Pitfalls
    Elite: 6/3, 800gc, 5.25NW

    + 30% Combat Instant Spell Damage
    + 30% Sabotage Operation Damage
    + 30% Spell Duration
    +1 mana per tick in war

    +1 defensive specialist strength

    Spellbook: Nightmares, Pitfalls, Mages Fury
    Elite: 5/4, 700gc, 5.75NW

    +30% WPA
    +30% TPA

    Spellbook: All racial spells
    Elite: 3/5, 950gc, 5.25NW

    + 1 Stealth
    - 50% thief cost
    + 15% population

    -10% Gains

    Spellbook: Invisibility, Aggression
    Soldiers 2:2 Elite: 4/4, 350gc, 5NW

    + 15% Offensive Military Efficiency In War
    - 30% defensive losses
    Every 3 acres generates 1 book of science

    + 30% Cost of Science

    Spellbook: Tree of Gold, Fountain of Knowledge, Quick Feet
    Elite: 6/3, 1100, 6.5NW

    +30% Attack Gains
    Free draft
    +25% Enemy casualties when attacking

    -10% science effectiveness

    Spellbook: Reflect Magic, Clear Sight
    Elite: 7/1, 800gc, 5.75NW

    -75% Offensive losses on attacks you make
    Spreads and is Immune to The Plague
    No Food Required

    Basic Thievery (Intel operations only)

    Spellbook: Town Watch, Animate Dead
    Elite: 7/2, 900 gc, 6.25NW

    The Merchant
    Gain 50% more Specialist and Building Credits
    Immune to Income Penalties
    Access to Tree of Gold
    Starts with +1600 specialist credits

    The Sage
    +40% Science Effectiveness
    Access to Amnesia
    Starts with 40000 science books

    The Rogue
    +1 Stealth recovery per tick
    + 100% land effect from Thieves Dens
    Access to all thievery operations, including 3 unique to rogues: Greater Arson, Assassinate Wizards and Propaganda
    +75% Thievery Science Effectiveness
    Access to Vermin
    Starts with +400 thieves

    The Mystic
    All Guilds are twice as effective
    +1 mana per tick in War
    +50% Magic Science Effectiveness
    Access to Meteor Showers, Chastity, Nightmares
    Starts with +200 Wizards

    The Warrior
    +1 General
    +10% Offensive Military Efficiency
    Enhanced Conquest range
    Access to Bloodlust
    Starts with +800 soldiers and +800 specialist credits

    The Tactician
    -15% Attack Time
    Accurate Espionage
    Access to Clear Sight
    Starts with +800 soldiers and +800 specialist credits

    The Cleric
    -40% Your Military Casualties (on attack or defense)
    Immune to The Plague
    Access to Pitfalls
    Starts with +800 soldiers and +800 specialist credits

    The War Hero

    +100% Honor Effects
    Converts some Specialists into Elites on successful land attacks
    Immune to Dragon effects
    Access to War Spoils
    Starts with 400 elites


    Kingdom and Islands
    Kingdoms will fill to 22 players, rather than 20

    Kingdom allocation per island will increase

    Discovery of islands will be every 2 hours after OOP, rather than every 3 hours

    Vacation Mode
    Cannot interact with a dragon for 24 hours after leaving VM. Cannot send aid for 24 hours after leaving VM.

    Lots of admin interface improvements and fixes

    Protection duration for invited provs
    Fixed a subtle bug causing the duration to be incorrect for certain provs. (Original post)

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